New year, new tea?

As the new year begins I’m planning to change a few things in my life. Though I’ve always had resolutions, this year is going to be slightly different.

If 2018 has taught me anything, it’s that I need to start prioritising differently. That means God, my family and my studies will be the most important things in that order. As much as I love my friends and they are a priority, I’ve decided to start matching people’s energy and actually mean it. For most of my friendships, nothing will change, but there’s a few areas where I need to step back and prioritise myself. Need to protect my heart (and my bank account).

So what is this post really about? All ‘tea’ that applies to me is going to be good things. You know what they say, you gotta put your positive thoughts in the air as well.

I’m actually going to have fitness goals this year. For someone who genuinely used to hate hearing the word gym, this is a huge step for me lol. Less red meats/ processed foods and more vegetables. I think this will be my hardest resolution to keep to be honest.

And lastly, no more messy situations involving guys. I feel like a veto on all men is very naive but…. no more messaging first. If they’re really interested, they can make a move. If they don’t, maybe it’s not worth it. I’m a changed woman and I’m gonna love it.


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